Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are many strategies that you can learn when playing Texas Hold’em, and
due to the fact that there are so many, for the purpose of this guide what you will
find are the essential tips and tactics you should keep in mind when playing.
After all, becoming a good Hold’em player is about using your strategies to
determine when you should “hold’em” or “fold’em”.

Knowing whether you should fold or stay in the hand is based on two vital

1. the 5 community cards
2. the 2 hole cards

In other words, the strategies you use are linked to your two hole cards, because
they determine the potential of your starting hand, as well as the community
cards, because they are apart of yours and every other players possible victory.
Thus, evaluating your Hold’em game takes practice, and the decisions you will
make during each hand will depend on different factors such as:

→ Your starting hand
→ The number of players in the game
→ The community cards
→ How high the limit game is
→ Etc.

Nevertheless, despite the number of players or how high the stakes are, it is your
starting hand which is the major key to your survival.
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