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While you will find that some of the following terms have appeared in this guide,
the others are popular terms you may come across when playing Texas Hold’em.

Action – another term for betting

All-in – when a player bets all of their chips

Ante – A buy in amount paid to the pot by all players before the game begins
and is not recognized as part of the game.

Blind – A forced ante in Texas Hold’em made by two players. The big blind is the
full minimum bet, and the small blind is half of the minimum bet. These first two
bets count in the game.

Bluff – when a player bets aggressively with a bad hand

Board – another term for the 5 community cards on the table

Buy-in – the cost of entering a tournament. For a ring game it is the minimum
starting stack.

Bots – online poker cheating method that involves robot software which has been
created to run 24/7 disguised as a player.

Call – term used when a player wishes to meet the bet of another player

Capt the betting – The final raise during the fourth betting round, and from this
point on a player can only call or fold, and can no longer make a raise.

Check – This is an option during the betting rounds that permits players to stay
in the hand without making a bet, call or raise. Check can be used only by the
big blind in the first round (as long as no other player makes a raise) and by the
first player to make a wager in the following rounds, and can then be used by the
other players in the round until someone makes a bet.

Check Fold – check when able, fold when bet into

Check Raise – Check when able, raise when bet into

Collusion – Popular cheating technique that involves two or more players
conspiring together to cheat the other players out of the pot. It could also only
involve one person who is acting as two players by use of a bot or another

Community cards – cards that are dealt face up on the board and are shared by
all players.

Concealed Pair – A pair that is face down

Connectors – two cards that follow in consecutive sequence

Cowboys – Two kings

Dead Card – Cards which have already been played and are not long recognized
as part of the game.

Dealer Button – Button that shows which player is dealing during the game.

Deuce / Duck– a single two

Drawing Hand – a player’s hand that requires more cards in order to improve a
winning hand, for instance a straight or flush.

Fast Play – A playing strategy that results in a player betting, raising and re-
raising in order to intimidate the other players out of the hand as fast as possible.

Fish Hooks – Two Jacks

Flop – The second round where the first 3 community cards are dealt

Fold - Option used during any betting round in which a player can quit the game.

Hole cards/Pocket cards – The two cards that are dealt face down to each
player during the pre flop.

Kicker – the side card that is not apart of a pair and has the highest value

Ladies – Two queens

Lay-down – folding a strong hand

Muck – When a player folds out of the game instead of exposing their hand
during showdown, so the other players can not see their hand.

Nuts – The best possible hand in regards to the cards on the board.

Opener – the first player who volunteers to bet.

Over-card – the highest card in play on the board.

Over-pair - a concealed pair that has higher value than any other card on the

Payout – the amount of money a player leaves with from a ring game, or wins in
a tournament.

Raise – When a player increases the previous bet.

– percentage of pot money that is given to the poker site, or live casino
which hosts the game.

Re-buys – The second time a player must pay in order to remain in a
tournament or ring game in the event that they lose all of their chips.

Ring Game – An ongoing game where a player buys-in and can leave at any

River – Last card dealt in the game, and is also know as 5 street in Hold’em

Rockets/Pocket Rockets – Pair of aces

Slow Play – a playing strategy that results in a player checking or calling
whenever they can, in order to keep as many players in the game as possible so
that they can maximize the pot winnings.

Split Pair – When one card is one the board and the matching card is concealed.

Trips – Term for three of a kind
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