Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In the end it doesn’t matter how many techniques you learn, all that matters is
how you think and use these strategies for yourself when playing. Being a good
poker player is about knowing how to play it smart. Don’t forget, that despite all
of the strategies you learn, and how well you study the players, the single most
important aspect of your poker game is you.


KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS IN CHECK – Stay focused on your cards, the
players and the game. You need to think straight and keep your mind on
your goal. Don’t succumb to your pride should other players try to ruffle
your feathers.

KNOW YOUR LIMIT – Keep in mind that you will have more bad hands than
you will good ones, so don’t get sucked in to becoming obsessed with
winning, or let the other players intimidate you into continual play when you
know you should call it quits. Make sure you:
* Set a budget limit for yourself and don’t go past it.
* Know when you should and shouldn’t gamble
* Only play with the money you know you can afford to lose
* Know when to walk away

STAY REALISTIC – Don’t fool yourself into believing that you are ready for
the big times like the professional players on TV. Poker for these pros isn’t
only a game, it’s a livelihood which they take seriously, and is one that they
have played for years in order to master.

PRACTICE – the only way you will progress as a player, develop new
strategies, learn to read other players, and win more pots is to practice. You
can’t rely on luck to become a good poker player, or read all the strategy
books in the world and expect for it to happen over night. It takes
dedication, determination and the drive to win.

Finally, remember that winning is rarely about luck, it’s about killer poker
instinct. Thinking like a winner is what sets you apart from the average
poker player, and to be a winner, you have to think and act like one.
And the only way you’ll achieve such status as a player is to have
patience and self-control to know when to hold’em or fold’em.

Don’t forget to enjoy

Your-self, and have a great

time playing poker online!

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