Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Your state of mind is key to your success when playing online poker. The mental
control you have influences the way you play. When you are focused on the
game at hand, you will learn about the other players, likely hand probabilities,
and quickly discover opportunities that allow you to gain the upper hand over
your fellow opponents.

A player with a controlled state of mind is one who:

* Keeps their focus, and controls their emotions when faced with defeat.

* Does not become defensive when they compete.

* Has confidence in their abilities and lets the other players know this when
they play.

* Does not let other players gain the upper hand by letting their opponents
psyche them out.

* Remains positive. Regardless how unfavorable your hand may be,
Getting frustrated about constant bad hands isn’t going to make your odds

any better, it’s only going to make you frustrated, which can cause bad
judgment once you do get a hand you can work with.

* Does not let their minds wonder or start daydreaming during a game. It is
imperative that your mind is constantly focused on playing the game.
That means knowing the probabilities of yours and your opponents’ hand.

* Stays patient. If you are too anxious to win the pot you can make foolish
mistakes, making it easy for more experienced players to eat you alive.

A good poker player is in control of their every action. They are not only aware of
their own state of mind, but the minds of their other players as well. They are
relaxed, and easily adjust to the different players that enter the game, ready and
waiting to defeat them as soon as they get the chance to take advantage of the
way they play.

If you adopt a positive outlook on life, it makes all the difference in the world,
because it affects the way you feel, think and respond to the people and
environment around you for the better. That’s why it is in your best interest to
maintain a positive attitude when you play poker.

* Look on the up side of things – if your game isn’t going the way you
would like it to, put all your concentration into the other players and think
about how you will gain the upper hand over them once the strong hand
comes your way.

* Believe in your abilities as a poker player – everyone has different
styles of playing, find the one you are comfortable with, stick to it,
improve it, and settle for nothing but the best.

* Care about the game – If you ever expect to become good at winning,
you have to take the game seriously. A carefree attitude won’t fly in

* Trust your instincts – when you are feeling positive about your game,
you will feel more in tune with your intuition, and won’t second guess your

decisions. Your intuition is a powerful ally that is linked to your
subconscious, and more often than not it acts in your best interest.

Remember, even the best poker players were beginners once, and everyone has
their days that aren’t so lucky. But that doesn’t mean you give up or care less
about the game. You need to work for success, and with a positive attitude you
will gain the determination and drive to win.
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