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Did you know that you could be missing out on all the online Hold’em excitement,
and a chance at winning the pot simply because you don’t know when the odds
are in your favor? Can you honestly afford to let the other players out do you
just because they have this advantage? Of course not, and that’s why you need
to level the playing field. In short, what many online players have is a poker
odds calculator, and that is exactly what you need to improve your online poker
playing abilities.

Whether you like it or not, mathematics plays a large role in poker, because it is
through calculating the odds that you can make ideal decisions of folding, calling
or raising during a Hold’em game. If math wasn’t your favorite subject in school
and the very mention of it has made you want to run screaming, don’t worry, you
don’t have to be a mathematician in order to win at poker. You will find that
there are many helpful strategy tools that have been designed to work out the
odds for you.

There are different programs that you can obtain which will allow you to improve
upon the value of your online poker experience. The vast majority will require
you to fork out some of your hard earned cash but they are powerful tools if you
use them well.
Here at Poker Rewards we decided to take a close look at the best poker
calculators on the market and extensively surveyed our players to see exactly
what features they would like to see in a poker calculator.
The response was so overwhelming we decided to build our own calculator based
on our research. After hundreds of man hours and man many thousands of
dollars we reckon we ended up with a great poker calculator with some really
powerful features to improve you play. What’s more we have decided to offer it
to you for free! Yep that’s right, 100% free, with no strings attached.

Paragon Poker Pal is one of the original online poker odds calculators. It is
extremely popular as it is compatible with over 100 online poker rooms. It works
with Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha and various other poker game styles.
Furthermore, this excellent tool features:

Personal settings – allowing the player to set up the calculator so that it
works with their style of playing as well as their accuracy.
Storage Space – allows the player to store history of the past hands they
played so that they can look back and study these hands to see where they
went wrong and how they can improve.
Over 1,000,000 card statistic variations.
Provides advice to the player during the game based on the percentage
accumulated of the calculated odds.

Like Paragon Poker Pal, this is a strategy calculator that is ideal for online Texas
Hold’em play and is compatible with almost all internet poker rooms. It comes
complete with table and odds charts and has may other convenient features
which includes:

Revealing the exact odds during game play
Automatically watching your game
Providing you with helpful advice on whether or not it would be in your best
interest to fold, call or raise.

Here is a basic idea of how the odds calculators work when used in a game of
Hold’em. To begin with, these devices know that before the start of every
hold’em game, each player has a 1 in 5 (20%) chance of winning. After the
preflop, the tool will then inform the player of their possible chances of winning
the pot. If the calculator reveals to the player that he or she has less than a 20%
chance of winning, this is a sign that the odds are strongly against them, and is a
good indication that he or she should fold.

You should keep in mind, however, that although the advice provided to you by
Poker Rewards Calculator, and the others, are as accurate as possible, don’t
forget that these strategy tools are still calculators, and they can not tell you
when or how to bluff.

Furthermore, always relying on your calculator will eventually catch up with you,
and reveal to the other players your straight-playing strategy. That being the
case, what can end up happening is players will fold whenever they see you make
a raise. In other words, don’t always do what the calculator suggests, especially
once you gain a better grasp on the Hold’em game. You need to keep the other
players guessing what you will do next, because it not only gives you the chance
to develop your own strategies, but it makes the game more exciting!

A poker odds calculator is a must for your online poker games that involve real
money. Without a doubt, the Poker Rewards Calculator is a valuable teaching
tool for anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of poker game strategy –
and it’s 100% free to our players! Furthermore, the online poker environment is
one that is fast moving, making it even more essential for you to have a poker
odds calculator as your ally.

Aside from the odds calculators, there are other online poker programs, such as
player profiling and tracking software, which some players use to help them with
their game. One such tracking program is Poker Tracker.

This computer program is different than the odds calculator because it saves data
on yours and your opponents’ hand history, and is compatible with a few of the
poker game styles including Texas Hold’em. Some of the Poker tracker features

You can track your games on more than one poker site. This allows you to
keep an eye on ring games (non-tournament games that can last for hours or
days and players can enter or leave the game at any time they wish as long
as they still have money to buy back it) or tournament game.

Track the starting hands you obtain and look at the number of hand
combinations you receive to discover how many times you are able to reach
the flop, fold, raise and win money.

Track each opponent you play against to discover who you won the most
amount of money from, as well as who has won the most from you. You can
also keep detailed notes of each player, which will help you find out how
often and when they make it past the preflop and flop, as well as when they
fold, call, raise, check/raise, check/fold and reach the showdown.

Replay your hands, the entire gaming session, or the complete tournament

As you can see, poker tracker is a nifty program that can really help you gain a
good understanding of the way you and your other opponents play Hold’em.
When used to your advantage, you can learn many things from this excellent
teaching tool.

Are any of these programs considered cheating?

It may sound surprising, but these programs are not considered cheating tools.
In respect to the odds calculator software, using these devices is no different then
relying on a calculator to add, subtract, multiply and divide for you on a math
test. Although these strategy calculators do provide you with information on the
best probabilities based on your hand and your other opponents’ (depending on
the tool you use), they do not provide you with extra turns, cards, or the ability
to see another player’s hand. In short, odds calculators randomly work out the
probabilities of your cards, nothing more.

That being said, in regards to certain player profiling programs (with the
exception of poker tracker, as its purpose is to track every opponent you have
played as you’ve played them), there are increasing debates on whether or not
some of these programs should be allowed in online poker rooms.

The reason is because some programs allow the tracker to study the other
opponent through the use of a program that follows the player being tracked from

table to table. These programs record the players playing style, and the tracker
gains all of this information without ever having to play that particular player
repeatedly in order to come to this conclusion on their own. Thus, some believe
that the players who are being constantly tracked are given an unfair advantage
when faced against the player who has tracked them, as the tracker already has
a good idea when the other player will fold, call, raise or bluff.

Currently player profiling software is not illegal, but there is no question that the
use of such programs is sneaky, and takes the fun and excitement out of the joy
of truly outwitting your fellow opponents and winning the pot.
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