Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If there is one thing frequent poker playing
will teach you, it is that every player thinks
differently. Not only that, but there is an
incredible difference between the way  Keep track of the way each player
the poker player on the left thinks to bets.
the one on your right. You should  After the showdown pay attention
never assume that all players act to the hands each player had.
the same, or that you will be able  Identify if a player is passive
to figure out their strategies only or aggressive.
after a few games. Experienced
players won’t play with straight
edge strategy, therefore the only way you will learn their secret is to study them.
For example:

* Keep track of the way each player bets. You can achieve this by
taking note of who folds, and who doesn’t. This will give you an indication
on whether the players make strong or weak bets.

* After the showdown pay attention to the hands each player had.
Did the player with the weak hand place strong bets? Did the resulting
weak hand have potential (for instance, were they missing one card that
could have provided them with a flush, etc.)

* Identify if a player is passive or aggressive. Do they constantly raise
and stay in the hand for a long time with a weak hand, or do they fold or
call often, rarely making a raise.

Every player has a certain style, strategy and method of playing their cards.
While some will be easy to classify, the more experienced players will be more
spontaneous, and use more than one approach when playing in order to throw off
others who are trying to track and figure out their profile. More about
distinguishing player characteristics will be discussed in the next section “Player

When you maintain a positive attitude, and have control over your state of mind
you will be more open to improvement and won’t limit yourself to a one track
mind. Online poker psychology is an art that requires you to be flexible and
focused at the same time. This art is not one that is easy to come by and takes
hours of practice. However, the rewards you will reap after taking the time to
develop your own online poker psychology, and learn Hold’em inside and out, will
be worth all your blood, sweat and tears.
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