Tuesday, February 10, 2009


When it comes to establishing your own poker player profile it is best to be
adaptable. The more you change your tactics and strategies when playing, the
harder time the other players will have at figuring out what your next move will
be. A player who is adaptable is exceptional, as he or she can outwit all of their
opponents when the stakes are high.

Of course, becoming a master of profile changing isn’t something that comes
naturally, and like everything else, takes practice and plenty of experience
playing against, and studying others.

To help you with this task here are some tips to keep in mind on your quest to
become a great player:

Don’t be afraid to fold - The best poker players in the world fold when they
know their hand just won’t cut it. Folding doesn’t make you less of a player,
on the contrary it shows that you know how to keep your chips.

Don’t study and try to outwit only one player - In online poker, most of
the people you play against at a table won’t be there for long. Therefore, this

strategy can prove to be a waste of your time if you constantly have to face
new players.

Keep your emotions in check - If you are feeling upset or frustrated it
would be best if you called it a day and calm down before attempting to play
again. Negative emotions cause you to become distracted, and distractions
cause your mind to wonder, allowing the other players to walk all over you.

Don’t fall into a routine – You may find that you are extremely comfortable
with one strategy, but falling into a routine of using only one technique will
turn you into a straight player, allowing others to gain a good idea of what
your next moves will be.

Don’t become too comfortable – If you find that you are comfortable with
the way you play, it’s time for you to improve your skill and try something
new. Comfort is a sign of laziness, which can cause you to remain at one
level, limiting your potential as a player and winner.

Keep your mind open for new ideas – Advice and a few pointers never
hurts anyone, as it could be the one tip you need to progress your abilities.
You can always learn something. Therefore, whether you get a tip from a
professional, a book, a friend or even a kid, show your gratitude and don’t
forget to return the favor whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Being a good poker player is knowing how to think and act for yourself. So trust
your instincts, learn to be flexible, and give it all you’ve got!
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