Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In total there are 169 possible starting hands, but for the purpose of this guide
you will only find those starting hands which provide you with the best chance of
To give you a better understanding of the most effective way to use the starting
hands listed below, here are some helpful guidelines for you to follow:
→ Starting hands that are blue consist of the top ten starting hands, and
indicate that these hands can be raised and re-raised at any time during the
→ Starting hands that are green indicate that it is best to call these hands early
in the game, and then proceed to raise midway and late in the hand.
→ Starting hands that are orange indicate that it is in your best interest to call
in the middle and late portion of the game.
→ Starting hands that are purple should be called only when you are in the late
portion of the game.
→ A = Ace, K = King, Q= Queen, J = Jack and 10 - 2 = numerical card value
and m = matching suit.
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