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Before we turn our attention towards Texas Hold’em and the strategies you can
apply to your online poker experiences, it is important that you understand the
differences between online and live poker, as well as the advantages of playing

Now more than ever, people are choosing to take part in online poker instead of
going to a casino. One of the major reasons is because visiting an online poker
site is far easier and handier than going to a live casino. Imagine, instead of
having to travel outside of your home to a busy, noisy casino, you can relax and
experience just as much poker enjoyment in the virtual world with a simple
“click” of your mouse.

Here are just a few main highlights of the advantages of online poker:
You can play at any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own
home or place of choosing at your convenience.
You can play against players from all over the world.
You can play for fun.
You can use special strategy tools to assist you when you play.
You don’t have to worry about the other opponent’s seeing your expression
or hearing your comments during a hand.

To further appreciate the advantages of playing online, we’ll take a closer look at
the differences between live and online poker. Following are some notable

Perhaps the single most obvious difference between live and online poker is the
fact that at a live poker table, players are physically present and can therefore
see the moves of their opponents, their emotions, as well as their reactions. This
makes playing live poker far more challenging than online, because players
always need to be conscious of what their opponents are doing, and if they are
being watched. Moreover players need to have control over their body language
emotions and expressions, as sudden reactions or nervous gestures or
movements can often be a dead giveaway to an experienced player.

When playing poker online, however, players do not need to concern themselves
with physical control. You can scream, yell, laugh and make any expression you
want, because even though your family, pets or neighbors may hear or see you
and possibly think you’re crazy, your opponents can only judge you by the way
you converse over a chat dialogue, and by the moves you make in the game.

What’s more is when you play online you don’t have to worry about following a
dress code, which is required at many live casinos. Therefore, whether you feel
inspired to dress to the nines, wear your pajamas or –heaven forbid- your
birthday suit, the point is you can wear whatever you want…just try not to freak
out your neighbours too much!

Generally there are lower limits in online poker rooms than in live casinos. Of
course, there are certain internet casinos that offer tables with higher limits, but
there is usually enough diversity in table limits, to suit the budget of any player.
Furthermore, the lower limit tables makes online poker an ideal environment for
players to learn, develop, and try out new strategies without feeling as though
they are taking a huge gambling risk. Thus, there is no worry of losing a
substantial amount of money when practicing your skills online.

When it comes to choosing poker games and betting limits, no live casino can
provide you with the variety you will find online. Choosing a desired poker table
is important for all players, because it is essential that you feel comfortable while
playing. Online poker rooms allow you the chance of selecting a table with a
betting limit that you deem most suitable for your budget and expertise. You will
also discover that finding a seat at an online poker table of your choosing is far
easier and more probable than in a live casino. Just check out the hundreds of
tables to choose from at www.pokerrewards.com

It is not possible for any players participating in online poker to break the rules of
conduct that apply to the game. Due to computer technology and gaming
software, no player has the ability to see their opponent’s cards, show their cards
to other players, place string bets or act out of turn during a hand. The software
will only permit the conduct that his been programmed to occur, and for the
standard online casino or poker site, this means that you are entitled to see the
number of players taking part in the hand, the money amount of each player, and
the total sum of money that accumulates in the pot. On the other hand, in a live
casino, players can break conduct rules, cause disruptions and stall the hand.

Due to the fact that online poker can be played in the comfort and privacy of your
own home or place of choosing, you can use a variety of special tools and
programs such as calculators, charts and tables when playing a game. The
purpose of these devices is to assist you in finding out the best odds in the hand.
Although they are not considered cheating, and while some are even permitted in
a live casino, the beauty of using these helpful tools online is that no one else can
see you, and therefore no one can judge your actions or intimidate you when you

When it comes to fast hands, live poker doesn’t even compare to online poker.
Online poker games are substantially shorter than those played in a live casino.
The major reasons are due to the fact that internet players continually hop from
table to table, and hands are much shorter as rounds are quick because of
computer software, and players can not see their opponents. This allows online
players the freedom to participate in games for as long or as little as they wish.
Therefore, while one player may only be interested in playing a single game for a
few minutes, another may wish to spend an hour or longer.

A live poker game, however, may last for hours, and this is because the average
round during a hand can last anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on the
number of players involved in the hand.

Overall, the experiences provided by both live and online poker tables are equally
social, enjoyable and rewarding for players. Furthermore, each environment
requires players to adapt to a different style of game play that is often
challenging and involves skill. However, when it comes down to it, nothing beats
the advantages of comfort, convenience and choice that you will only find with
online poker.
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