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There are three different types of limit games you can play in Texas Hold’em –

1. Fixed-Limit
2. Pot-Limit
3. No- Limit
A fixed limit game means that during each betting round, limits are placed on the
bets. Thus, a $4/$8 fixed limit table means that during the first two rounds of
betting the maximum bet any player can make is $4, and in the last two rounds
of betting the maximum bet is $8.

During each round of betting, only three raises are allowed, and each raise can
not exceed the betting limit for that round. Therefore, on the first round the
player entitled to the first bet may fold, call or bet $4. The second player, after
the first bet has been made, may fold, call the $4, or raise another $4, which
would make the bet total to $12. If another player decides to make one more
raise, it would be the third and final raise for the round totaling the bet to $16.
After this raise, all the remaining players in the round may either fold, or call.
The same method works for the last two rounds with the max bet of $8, making
the total bet for these rounds no more than $32.
If you are a beginner player, or would like to keep your budget capped, playing
Texas Hold’em at a fixed limit table is a good idea, as it will help you to stay in
control over your losses and improve your game before you start to play with the
big fish. (Note the fixed limit style game was the betting example used in
the above Texas Hold’em rules)

A pot limit Texas Hold’em game begins with a minimum bet designated by the
table which is posted by the big blind. However, as the game gets underway,
players who make a raise can not make one smaller than double the amount of
the previous bet, or one larger than the total money amount in the pot during
any time of the game. Thus, if there is $100 in the pot and the previous bet
before yours is $20, than the minimum raise you could make is $40, and the
maximum raise would be $100.

The only exception to this pot limit betting rule is the all-in. An all-in is when a
player chooses to wager all of his or her remaining chips. For example, should a
player choose to wager all their chips as a raise, but the total amount of their
chips is smaller than the minimum bet, their wager will still count, because the
player has no more chips to offer.
As far as pot limit game goes, there is much more flexibility when it comes to
betting, compared to a fixed limit game. Furthermore, players have more liberty
to use strategies that involve bluffing, and more risky techniques. For this
reason, pot limit games aren’t always the best choice for beginners or
apprehensive players. However, if you are determined to give it a go, try to
enter a pot limit game where the buy-in is reasonably low.

Like the pot limit Texas Hold’em game, the only time a no limit game is
designated by a wager at the table is the minimum bet which is posted by the big
blind. After this initial betting takes place, the minimum raise graduates to
double the amount of the previous bet. However, unlike pot limit games, the
maximum raise is all the chips you have. This means that in a no limit game,
players can wager all of their chips at any point during the game. Players can
raise as much as they like, as long as it does not exceed their total number of
chips, and it is double the amount of the last bet.

If players choose to go all-in, or if they run out of chips they can not be “bet out”
of a hand, just as in the pot limit game. However, if a player runs out of their
chips before the game is finished, a “side pot” is established if there is more than
one player with chips still remaining in the hand. The players who have no more
chips, or who have gone all-in can not win any more than the amount that they
are “in” for. That is why the side pot is created for the remaining players with
chips (Note, this also applies to pot limit games).

There is no question that the no limit game is the most exciting of all limit games,
however, usually only professionals participate in no limit games because the
stakes are so high, and you need exceptional skill in order to win the pot. In fact
it is the no limit style game that is used in The World Series of Poker
championship tournament.

It is essential that you choose the limit game that is most suitable to your skills
as a player. Always know the type of game you are playing as well as the stakes
involved at a table before joining the game. Usually the higher the stakes are,
the better the players you are up against. Take it slow and stick to fixed limit
games before you decide to take big risks.

Just like live casinos, the vast majority of online poker rooms include rakes with
their games. A rake is a profit the house makes from a percentage of money that
is taken from the pot. In some cases, the percentage of the rake may be a
predetermined amount, while in other cases it may depend on the size of the pot.
Therefore, find out if there is a rake and how it works at the online casino or
poker site of your choosing.

Although rare, in some online Texas Hold’em games, especially during
tournaments, players are required to place an ante. An ante is a specific amount
of money which each player must put into the pot before the start of every game.
Unlike the blinds however, the ante is not recognized as a bet during the hand.
However, regardless if there happens to be an ante or not, blinds are still posted
in Hold’em games.
Alright, so now that you know how to play Texas Hold’em,
and are aware of the different stakes involved, it’s time to
learn strategies so that you can develop the skills
to be the last player standing after showdown
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