Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Playing poker online is vastly different than playing it live. Players are constantly
jumping around from table to table, which means you have to learn how to keep
up with the fast pace online poker environment, forcing you to adopt a different
approach than you would if you were playing poker live.

Poker, regardless where you play it, is ultimately about psychology and how you
use it to gain the advantage over your opponents. For instance, many times
during Hold’em the winner rarely has an impressive hand. Often a player wins by
a low pair, such as a pair of 8’s. The point is it doesn’t matter if you don’t have
an excellent hand, all that matter is that it is better than everyone else’s!

So how do you achieve the ideal online poker approach that puts you a step
above the average Joe? Aside from practice, here are some aspects you should
keep in mind and apply to your games:
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