Tuesday, February 10, 2009


you have to show them the same courtesy. Therefore, make your mother proud
and keep these tips in mind when engaging in online conversation with the fellow
members of the site:

Mind your P’s and Q’s – Watch your language when you’re online. Don’t
use profanity or vulgar language that other players may find offensive. Not
only is this extremely immature, but you’ll soon become unpopular and
disliked by others.

Control your pride – No one wants to hear another player boast about their
winnings, or whine about their loss.

Keep your comments to yourself - Don’t make snide remarks about other
players or make fun of how they play.

Arguing gets you no where – There is no point in arguing with another
player. It will only frustrate you, and won’t change what has happened. Let
it go, move on and keep your focus on the game.

Use your common sense – Stay level headed at all times, and adapt to the
players and the table you are playing at. Avoid arguments, and do your part
to make the game run smoothly. Don’t become a problem.

Relax and have Fun – Don’t forget that as much as you want to win, it is
important that you also have fun when you play. So relax, enjoy yourself,
make friends and respect the other players.
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