Tuesday, February 10, 2009


There are many different styles of poker games you can play in live casinos and
online, but of all the styles played today, none is more popular than Texas

Texas Hold’em has received much of its popularity from certain hit TV shows such
as the Traveler’s Channel World Poker Tour, and ESPN’s World Series of Poker.
However, aside from these exciting shows, Hold’em has gained popularity
because it is one of the easiest games to learn, the hands are fast, and the stakes
are high. Thus, many novice players have come to realize that as long as one
masters the skill of the game, there is a lot of money waiting to be won in the
world of Texas Hold’em poker.

If you are interested in such money making opportunities, or a chance to improve
upon your Texas Hold’em poker game, this book is exactly what you need to get
started in the right direction. Nevertheless, understand that although this book
will provide you with the basic rules, as well as strategies for you to keep in mind
and apply to your game, playing Texas Hold’em, or any poker game for that
matter, takes much more than luck – it takes dedication.

The skill you need to become a good poker player can only be learned through
practice, patience and observation. Therefore, if you ever hope to win at poker or
become a champion, you’re going to need to learn how to play like the pros.

So what’s their secret? For starters, not only have they developed their own
poker strategies, but they understand that although knowing how to play their
cards is important, the real talent is playing the other players. Professionals
study their fellow opponents, and come to know how the other players will react
during game play. This gives them an advantage over the other players, because
a pro will know how to weed conservative players out of the pot, or keep the
juvenile player in the hand for as long as they can, so he can milk these hot-
heads for all they’re worth.

Since that is the case, how you gain the advantage over your fellow opponents
will vary depending on if you are playing poker live or online. One of the biggest
problems many players who engage in online poker fail to realize, is that while

the games follow the same rules and similar strategies of live play, the fact that
you can not see the other players makes gaining the upper hand over them
difficult, especially if you don’t know how to apply the right psychology.

Why? Think about it: In a live poker game you can see the facial expressions,
and the reactions of the other players. This allows you to gain a pretty good idea
of the type of player they are, as well as how they play their cards by simply
observing their body language. However, when playing online, you do not have
the luxury of relying on the reactions of your opponents, which means that in
order to figure out the type of players you are up against, you need to mentally
pay attention to the decisions they make in the game, and observe how they
communicate when you converse with them online.

For the purpose of this guide, we will be focusing primarily on the tactics related
to online Texas Hold’em game play. This focus will help you gain a better
understanding of how to not only effectively play against other online players by
learning the online psychology of good game play, but also how to use these skills
to win.

Taking your online Texas Hold’em poker playing abilities to the next level is
possible, and this book is here to show you how you can make this goal a reality.
Within its pages you will find the rules, strategies and fantastic tips related to
online poker and Texas Hold’em. You will even discover the different types of
players you should watch out for, as well as fantastic strategy tools that can help
you uncover the odds, providing you with a better shot at winning the pot.

So without taking up anymore of your precious time, let’s get started.

Relax, get comfortable and get ready, because it’s time to take your online Texas
Hold’em game to the next level.

Have fun, and good Luck!
( but if you read this book you’ll realize luck really isn’t a
major factor when it comes to being a killer poker player! )
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