Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Although you have the freedom to make any facial expression you would like
when playing online poker, as no one else can see you, this is both to your
advantage and disadvantage because your other opponents also have this
freedom. Since no player can see their opponent, some players become careless
and will bluff to the point of foolishness, because they don’t have anyone to stare
them down.

However, just because players frequently bluff online, you can’t always assume
every opponent you are up against is pulling a fast one on you. That being said,
there will be times were you will have to call or raise more often than you prefer,
especially when faced against those players who are desperate to win the pot
every hand. In the long run, if you find players frequently bluffing and you have
a relatively decent hand, its best to call, as many online poker players find this a
far more rewarding tack then constantly making a raise.
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